10. Nabburg showcase

On the first weekend in May, emz took part at the exhibition in Nabburg with its own stand for the 10th time in a row.

The exhibition was organised and implemented by the training centre. Six trainees together with their trainers volunteered to introduce some emz products as well as the company's apprenticed professions. Some of the products presented included the waste lock, closures and sensors, as well as the final examinations of tool mechanics and mechatronics technicians.

At the stand, a little quiz, in combination with a fully automatic robot arm, were the icing on the cake. If an emz apprenticed profession was correctly recognised, the 6-axis robot awarded the prize in terms of an emz dextrose cube. The machine was programmed and prepared by the trainees, who deserve a lot of praise for their performance. For the trainees, taking part at the exhibition was an instructive and interesting experience and emz was very pleased about their commitment.