€10,000 for Nabburg secondary school

€10,000 has been donated to Nabburg secondary school for the forward-looking investment in the digitalisation of STEM classes.

Every year at Christmas, emz donates a substantial sum to a project at one of four locations worldwide. In 2019, it was the turn of the Naubburg location in Germany, and the decision was taken to support the local secondary school there. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has only now been possible to hand over the donation officially.

F.l.t.r.: Franziska Göhl - Marketing emz, Harald Bauer – Teacher & Coordinator School and Businesses, Renate Vettori – Director of the School Board, Stefan Forster – Computer Science Teacher, Robert Häusler – Head Teacher Nabburg Secondary School, Markus Block – Personnel Manager emz, Karolina Bauer – Pupil Representative, Noah Lex – Pupil Representative, Stephanie Meier – Personnel Officer emz, Robin Kiener – Pupil Representative

Markus Block, HR Manager, explained that the company wished to support a local school whose pupils are closely connected to emz through their parents working there, school internships and even vocational training later on in life. Furthermore, it was very important to him that the donation be used for a specific purpose. The donation will be used to support STEM subjects and to further promote the digitalisation process at the secondary school.

After consulting the relevant teachers, namely Thomas Eber (Technology Department), Stefan Forster (Computer Science Department) and Harald Bauer (Coordinator School and Businesses), a decision was thus made to purchase a 3D printer education system and a comprehensive Lego Mindstorms education system. Furthermore, the school's own CNC milling machine is to be overhauled and put back into operation.

The 3D printer education system is an industrial 3D printer that has been adapted for schools, but still offers all the benefits of the industrial version, allowing students to try this revolutionary new technology in practice and actually make products. The founding of a student company that will work together with emz Hanauer is also under discussion.

Lego Mindstorms Education is a computer-controlled robotics system based on Lego parts, which complements the STEM classes at the secondary school, especially with regard to the subject of computer science. It is already giving pupils a lot of pleasure and is now providing them with insight into the areas of robotics, programming, experimenting and designing.

The repair and re-use of the CNC milling machine in the technology lessons is also an important component in the wide-ranging education of STEM pupils.

Mr Block and head teacher Robert Häusler agreed that this comprehensive package would provide the pupils of Nabburg secondary school with really meaningful and forward-looking systems for a modern and reality-based style of teaching, especially with a view to later education and training not only in industry and STEM subjects.

Mr Häusler, the head teacher, thanked Mr Block for his generous donation, assuring him that he would be able to make good, rapid and intensive use of it in classes. He said he was also delighted with the confidence emz had in Naubburg secondary school and the close cooperation that was intended.

The director of the school board, Renate Vettori, also thanked Mr Block and Mr Häusler for this outstanding and important project and praised their cooperation in the field of relations between the school and businesses. School-based training in STEM subjects is more important today than ever before, the director of the school board stated.