365 days without lost-time incidents in Mexico

emz Hanauer through its statement as a smiling company is committed to ensuring that all employees enjoy their work and that there is a good working environment. A good working environment can only be guaranteed if a person feels safe at work. Safety is the basis for a good working relationship between the employee and the company.

Through our industrial safety, hygiene and environmental system, emz Hanauer de México has managed to reduce unsafe acts and conditions, which has impacted on our indicator of lost-time incidents and keep it at zero for 365 days.

This system is based on the leadership team, which is the first to be convinced and oriented towards making the facilities and personnel safe. We also ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations so the company can be up and running. There are also different processes that interact in the system with the purpose of contributing to this industrial security such as: security, training of our employees, analysis of risks to machinery, signaling of the work center, ergonomic analysis in work stations, handling of chemical substances and hazardous waste, noise, vibration and lighting studies, emergency brigades, health promotion through medical service, compliance with environmental requirements and system audits.

On July 5 of this year, a celebration of "365 days without lost-time incidents" was held in recognition of the work of the employees who contribute day by day to comply with safety procedures and maintain safe conditions in our company. In our canteen we had a big cake to celebrate it by taking care of the social distance measures.

For being the first year without disabling accidents in the history of emz Hanauer de México, all of us who are part of this company are extremely happy for this goal, but we feel even more committed to improve it. It is very important to us that our employees return home safe and sound to their families every day.