Completion of the General Management Programme (GMP)

On 10 October.2019, a further 13 managers from the Group successfully completed the General Management Programme. Under the direction of Professor Daniel Keller – Keller Partner – participants learnt about the key topics of "Strategy", "Managerial Effectiveness" and "Change Management". The contents were developed by the renowned Management Centre St Gallen and developed yet further by Professor Keller.

The participants were presented with the certificates by UNV President Franz Forster – emz Hanauer and the trainer Professor Keller at a small ceremony held in the City Hotel Roding.

In addition to the systematic transfer of theoretical knowledge, the network also offers sufficient opportunities for managers working within the group of companies to enjoy a practical exchange of experience. This is an essential pillar of the network. The GMP programme has been running since 2003, which means that 245 top executives have already benefitted from the platform it offers.