"Education is a gift for life" (Chinese proverb)

Christmas time reminds us to be grateful for everything we have. However, in many parts of the world people do not even have the basic necessities, such as a good formal education. And so once again this year, instead of customer gifts we will set up a Christmas donation scheme.

Our plant manager Helmut Güsten in Lishui, China, has organised a partnership with the local Red Cross this year. emz Hanauer wants to support children with difficult family backgrounds who are not able to go to school. The Red Cross has identified three pupils for us who have found themselves in a precarious family situation as a result of adoption, a lack of local schools or illness.

Yao Ruoxi had to be adopted by her grandparents, because her parents did not want to raise her. She lives with them in a garage in Lishui.

Duan Jiayuan’s family live far away on a farm. They cannot afford transport to school for the boy.

Cao Chengwei’s father lives in another city because he found work there, and his mother is seriously ill.

The school reports of the 8- to 9-year-olds are promising, which is why emz would like to support the families with a monthly donation of 250 CNY until the children complete lower middle school.

Through regular visits, we will keep up to date on the progress of the two boys and one girl. Completing an education will help them achieve independence and financial self-sufficiency.