Electronic gaming

emz cooperated with local secondary school from Nabburg in a special technical project. The students built up their own ludo game both at school and the emz workshop.

One girl and eleven boys from the ninth grade of the Nabburg secondary school participated in a completely new project between that school and emz. They got in touch with various technical disciplines, such as wood, metal, plastics and electronics. During several weeks the students built up their own board game, called ludo. The board is made of wood, the figures are made of aluminum, brazen and plastics. But the main attraction is an electronically controlled dice which is integrated in the wooden board. The first steps of the construction took place at school while especially the metal and electronic steps took place at emz’ apprentice workshop. In the end the students presented their work in front of school principal Simon Weidner, local school director Renate Vettori and emz managing directors Ernst and Thomas Hanauer.