emz-Hanauer vaccinates against COVID

120 vaccinations for staff

Since Christmas 2020, Germany has been vaccinating the population against the coronavirus. Already in the first half of the year, when the vaccines were reserved for priority groups, the Nabburg-based supplier emz started vaccinating  its employees. Initially, only selected at-risk individuals got the vaccine. And so it was to emz' great delight when the company was able to offer the AstraZeneca vaccine, administered by a doctor in private practice, to the first 50 employees in May 2021. When finally, at the beginning of June, company doctors were permitted to administer vaccines, Nabburg was able to offer them to all its employees. And so almost 70 emz members received their first dose of the BioNTech vaccine in June 2021. The second dose is scheduled for the end of July.

In total, 120 people have been vaccinated so far through emz. "This together with all those who have already received their vaccines via family doctors, other doctors in private practice or the vaccination centres, means that good percentage of the people at emz have had the vaccine, which in turn means more safety for all of us," says a delighted Markus Block, head of human resources. He also points out that organising such a campaign requires many helpers, from the internal teams to the two company doctors, and they all worked together perfectly.

In addition to vaccinations, emz also offers corona rapid tests to all its employees. Initially tests were carried out by specially trained employees, and self-testing has been available since Easter 2021 . So far, more than 5,000 tests have been administered in Nabburg and Zangenstein. The tests are to be made available for the foreseeable future.