emz strengthens the compatibility of family and career

A modern and good employer shows consideration for the needs of its employees. This is the motto under which emz-Hanauer, Nabburg, offered childcare for the children of employees on this year's Penance Day.

13 girls and boys spent the day in the company, attended by four professional kindergarten teachers from gfi, Weiden.

The day started with everyone enjoying breakfast together in the canteen, before they all went to the slide in the company's Development area, where the children had immense fun sliding down from the upper floor to the ground floor over and over again. In addition, plenty of exercise and communal handicrafts were on the agenda - suitable for companies with a focus on technical phenomena such as light and sound. As the weather was fine in the afternoon, the outdoor area could also be used for playing.

In line with the occasion, emphasis was placed on the new parent-child working room at emz. In the specially furnished room, employees can work normally while their children play games, read or sleep directly next to them. This room can be used spontaneously in case the kindergarten should unexpectedly close or if school should be cancelled. HR Manager Werner Schwarz comments on this: "Our goal is to be a good employer - accordingly, we want to strengthen the compatibility of work, family and private life."