German Innovation Award for egate digi

emz, with its app solution egate digi, is one of the big winners of the "German Innovation Award 2019". The six-member jury awarded emz Umwelttechnik two prizes in the "Smart Living" category for "business excellence” and "design thinking".

Where does egate digi come from?
egate digi is a further step in the digitization of waste management. With its networked access system for waste collection systems known as egate, emz’s environmental division, founded in 1999, developed one of the world's first concrete applications for the so-called "Internet of Things" years back. An intelligent access system for large refuse containers.

What is egate digi?
The principle is straightforward: Shared waste containers are locked and can only be opened by users registered in the system. To this effect, each user receives an electronic key by which he or she is identified unambiguously. The container then registers exactly when and - if a lock is involved - how much has been disposed by whom. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the waste disposal company or municipality. In this way, the waste volume produced can be allocated to its source. There is also information about the filling level of the containers, which can be used to plan the routes of refuse collection vehicles.

With this system, municipalities and waste disposal companies can evaluate user data relating to waste collection and thus optimize their processes. Users only have to pay for the refuse they have actually produced and the containers are protected from foreign objects being thrown in.

Whom is egate digi for?
The customers of the emz environmental division include waste management companies, municipalities and textile recycling companies, mainly in Europe. In Italy, emz is the uncontested market leader with more than 35,000 installed systems.

egate digi revolutionizes the manner of access control for users of community refuse containers. Instead of using a tag or card as before, the user can open a dustbin lock with the help of his or her smartphone and a special app. The search for the key is thus now a thing of the past.

In addition to mere opening, the app also offers a wealth of other possibilities, such as information about the location or condition of the container, or simple feedback for all kinds of complaints to the disposal company or the municipality. The environment also benefits from the new product. Fewer components and a sophisticated data management concept require less energy and fewer service calls.

We are very happy about the recognition represented by this award and would like to thank all those involved in this project.