Hightech live!-Camp 2018

The Hightech live!-Camp, the educational institute of the Bavarian economy in the Upper Palatinate, was held again this year with the support of bayme vbm, bbw and the education authority. It was the sixth successive time that 12 pupils (4 girls and 8 boys) were allowed to participate in this camp.

The third and fourth form pupils of the secondary schools had the opportunity to experience the three companies emz Hanauer, Horsch Maschinen and QUADRUS up close.
What do the companies produce? Which professions are trained? What are the skilled workers working on? What kind of machines are in the halls? Or, what is the daily routine?
All of these questions sparked the interest of the pupils while touring the companies.
But the main focus of the camp was the production of a catamaran, powered by solar energy to drive a motor and a propeller to provide the necessary propulsion in the water. The various components were manufactured at the individual companies. The floats were milled at Horsch, QUADRUS manufactured the superstructure of sheet metal and emz mounted and wired all of the electrical components. The pupils were supported and professionally instructed by the trainers and apprentices of the companies.
The pupils spent five days together in the youth hostel in Trausnitz, Bavaria, where they received social and team skills training from Martin Hillebrand and Magdalena Steib. Incidentally, the topic of applicant training also featured on the programme.

The great performance of the boys and girls was represented by the final presentation which took place this year at QUADRUS in Schmidgaden. Here the pupils presented their work of the last four days and that of the catamaran. The three companies were also spotlighted and the pupils showed what they had learned in the short time. In the end, the catamarans were launched to prove their buoyancy to the many guests.

These five days will certainly be remembered by the 12 pupils for a long time.