emz Hanauer wins the Innovation Award

The excitement was palpable and the competition strong. Once again in 2019 numerous companies submitted their innovations for participation in the Wirtschaftszeitung (a German business newspaper) competition.

“The economy of eastern Bavarian has an incredible amount to offer in terms of innovative strength, brilliant minds and start-up courage. Despite the challenges facing us in future—not least posed by the coronavirus crisis—there is still cause for optimism.” This quote is taken from the Wirtschaftszeitung article “The 2019 Prizewinners Have Been Chosen!”

This year’s Innovation Prize went to emz Hanauer for its “egate digi” app – an intelligent access control system for user-friendly waste disposal solutions.

An interdisciplinary team, working in close cooperation with potential customers, harnessed an agile development process and cutting-edge methods to launch this new product in the environmental technology sector. It delivers a simple and compact solution to replace the many individual modules previously required. Moreover, it offers a forward-looking solution to supplement existing emz products in the field of electronic waste recording.

Its principle is simple: Community waste containers are locked and can only be opened by registered users with a personalised electronic key. The benefits offered by the system are that consumers no longer pay a flat rate for waste collection, but for the actual volume of waste they generate. Moreover, “fly-tippers” are effectively locked out.

The app is used to record the users of large refuse containers and the data is immediately forwarded to the responsible municipality or waste disposal company. The app not only saves costs – it also makes an environmental contribution that should not be underestimated. For instance, only full containers are collected for disposal, because collection companies are regularly informed of their fill level. Overall, this makes an important contribution to improving waste separation—and consequently reducing the total amount of waste-and is an excellent example of the so-called “Internet of Things”.

Unfortunately, the gala event originally planned for May 13th has had to be cancelled as a result of the coronavirus crisis. However, please follow this link for further information on the winning product and a short video of the award ceremony: https://www.die-wirtschaftszeitung.de/aktuelles/die-preistraeger-2019-stehen-fest/