International Sales Meeting ISM goes VIRTUAL

Because of COVID-19 our sales force (sales representatives and application engineers) meet up at our headquarters in Nabburg to exchange experiences, but in this year the meeting was virtual.

7 countries, including site managers from Mexico, the Czech Republic and China and representatives from the US, India, South Korea and Turkey will come together to expand their network and discuss the latest issues. 

The meeting focused on sales strategy and the main market trends, customer dialogue, product training as well as the successes and challenges of the past year in the area of sales. Everything also revolved around the general and strategic business developments of emz global and the current development of technologies and applications of the components and systems of our development divisions. 

The new "Microsoft Teams" format of communication was successfully implemented and greatly reduced costs and travel expenses. The main topics were communicated clearly, and the contributions of the participants from the individual divisions were of the usual high standard.

Distance and time difference were a challenge at the International Sales Meeting 2020, but the necessary team spirit helped overcome it. We would like to thank all participants for their commitment!