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Young technical buffs participate in the emz Technology Competition

Students of the fifth to tenth grades from Johann Andreas Schmeller Grammar school proved their brilliance yet again. It was already the 15th time that emz staged their Technology Competition, again with prize money totalling € 1000.

The technical buffs had the choice between two themes for their developments. On the one hand, a magic show which was to demonstrate a magic trick in an entertaining way, using an effect based on physics. On the other hand, the construction of a submarine which - without remote control - sinks to the bottom of an aquarium stays there and re-emerges autonomously after at least one minute.

During the award ceremony, the headmaster Christian Schwab pointed out the enormous significance of emz in Nabburg. He praised the participation and was visibly proud of the many clever brains from his school. The mayor Armin Schärtl referred to the campaign as “a really great thing”. Fortunately - he admitted - his dentist had been taken ill, which meant that he was not able to keep his appointment at the dentist’s surgery, and was able to take part in the event here instead - which he clearly preferred … Thomas Hanauer was pleased to present the inventors with a prize and - as always - was delighted with the accomplished solutions submitted. Prizes and certificates were presented by the supervising teachers and emz Engineering Manager Ulrich Deml. But not only were the construction of the unique inventions, but also the two best presentations of the best-ranking woks awarded a special price of € 50 each.

In summary, we are pleased to say that the 2018 emz Technology Competition was again a great success. Initially, it had been launched for a limited period of 10 years. In the meantime, it has become an event which is an integral part of the school year and established itself firmly. Those who attended and had the opportunity of experiencing the fervour of the children and young people participating know why this is the case …