Award for Midsized Enterprises

emz-Hanauer reached the judging stage in the Oskar Patzelt Foundation competition for “Award for Midsized Enterprises.” Each year in autumn the Oskar Patzelt Foundation awards excellent German companies with the “Award for Midsized Enterprises”. Companies from all over Germany can be recommended to compete and are judged in five categories. The categories that are judged are: economic development, workplaces and trainee positions, innovation and modernization, commitment across the region and aspects of customer proximity and marketing.

This year a total of 4796 companies in Germany were recommended to compete in the competition, which is one of the oldest in Germany. Only 25% reached the judging stage. Among the 169 Bavarian companies was emz-Hanauer from Nabburg. emz showed outstanding developments in all five categories. For the first time in the history of the company, emz made a turnover of 100 million Euro in the last fiscal year. Over the last two years seven million Euro were mainly invested in modernization and improvements in the work environment. A new Customer Innovation Space (CIS) was inaugurated at the end of July at emz’s global headquarters in Nabburg. These investments emphasize the commitment of emz to its local community and the company’s founding in the region over 60 years ago. In addition, the restructuring of its business unit home and environmental technology continuously improved its market focus in the last year. emz has also been providing award winning vocational training for more than 30 years at its global headquarters Nabburg. In the next year two refugees will get the opportunity for vocational training for the first time.

emz’s “Smiling Company” philosophy and its commitment to artists from the surrounding area, by organizing and hosting art exhibitions, were acknowledged by the judging committee during the competition.

As a sign of appreciation for this success Robert Knitt from the IM BE MA-Consult GmbH presented emz with a certificate which was signed by the board of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation on July 15th. This achievement marks a great success for the whole team at the emz-Hanauer company.