Childcare during the Whitsun holidays

A good, modern employer takes care of the needs of its staff. That's why emz offered free childcare for its employees during the Whitsun holidays.

Over the course of four days, the children had the chance to experience the place where their mums and dads work. The children were looked after by professional educators from the gfi in Weiden, which is part of Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) e.V. (educational institution of Bavarian industry). "We are one of only a few employers in the northern Upper Palatinate to offer such childcare during the holidays. The children are professionally looked after, which means the parents can relax and do their work, reconciling their private lives with their work", says human resources manager Markus Block.

Something new every day
13 children between the ages of 3 and 13 attended and enjoyed a varied, age-appropriate programme every day. In line with the motto of "experiencing with all senses", the children were given the chance to tinker, paint, draw, knead and feel under a variety of themes. The childminders Anelia Zhilisbayev and Anatoly Konin had plenty of games and materials for the children to play with. There was also lots of time for free play, reading, do jigsaws, running around and resting. They also had access to the company's outdoor area for playing, exercising and generally having fun. And our slide in the new office extension was always a very welcome distraction.

In the morning after a little warm-up they all enjoyed a breakfast together in our com-pany restaurant. And for lunch, chef Peter Metzeler even prepared a special menu. And because of the heat wave, emz even treated everyone to an ice cream.

Herbs and animals in the open-air museum

Another highlight was the visit to the Neusath-Perschen open-air museum. There the children went on a herb hike. And outside there were lots of animals - and some could even be petted.

Many of the children are already looking forward to the next time and the continuation of the programme "with all senses": For the upcoming summer holidays we are planning two weeks of childcare at the company.