New ways - emz-Hanauer starts up their in-house catering facility

By inaugurating their own in-house catering facility, emz-Hanauer is consistently implementing what is expected in terms of modern staff care. As the last part of the extensive construction project at the Nabburg location, emz-Hanauer opened up the Company’s own catering facility in mid-September. Here, over 400 members of staff working on the site will have access to a healthy and attractive range of foods, offered in pleasant surroundings.

According to Thomas Hanauer, Managing Director, the Company’s strength lies in the creativity of their staff. Innovative ideas and solutions represent a decisive competitive edge for emz. This philosophy can be found within the Company again and again. The areas between the individual building tracts have been landscaped to form sophisticated garden areas which offer recreation. In the office areas where the CIS has recently taken up residence, a slide connects two office levels. A height of seven metres is overcome via the stainless steel construction. Those who prefer to take it more slowly, however, can use the stairs. Next to the working places, the integrated coffee bar provides plenty of scope for communication. The seating is located in front of a vertical garden which, like a giant painting, presents impressive jungle vegetation with real plants and an intelligent irrigation system. For the Company, all these elements are not only provided for fun and for their unusual design, but also as an invitation to go new ways.

The Company is also going new ways by installing an in-house catering facility. Until now, catering for the 450 employees was delivered to the site. The caterer chosen by emz to operate the Company’s facility is “vivanti”. Both enterprises were in close communication right from the planning and construction stage in order to translate emz’s philosophy into what is served on the plates. The result is a company restaurant where people can enjoy their meals and feel at ease.

The approximately 100 seats are spread over two levels. The layout with different groups of tables promotes communication. Round tables, modern high tables with bar stools and bistro-style table/bench combinations provide the appropriate setting for each meal and meeting.
An acoustic ceiling ensures that noise is absorbed to a pleasant level, the front looking out over to the garden is glazed right up to the gables and opens up an unobstructed view to the large terrace with adjoining garden facilities and granite fountain. Another 20 seats are planned for the outside area. The investment for the Company’s catering facility amounted to approx. 750,000 euros.

A cashless checkout system facilitates payment. To keep the sales prices as low as possible for all members of staff, emz and vivanti entered into a special pilot project: Each guest enters his or her items into the cash register personally, thus saving the labour costs for an extra cashier. These savings are reflected in the prices: “We have every confidence in the honesty of our staff; this is why we started this pilot project”, explains Markus Block, personnel officer at emz. “We know that for the operating company, this means additional operative input to match up the data on a daily basis. Thus, we appreciate vivanti’s support in this extraordinary project enormously.”

The open kitchen area is separated from the guest area by the serving counter. Thus, fresh food can be produced whenever supplies are running low and long waiting times for the meals can be avoided.

The guests were asked about their preferences and wishes even before the restaurant opened. This enabled us to consider their needs regarding menus, breakfasts and snacks from the very first day on. There was a clear focus on a balanced choice of regional and traditional meals, along with light dishes and rich in vitamins. These wishes are met by the daily alternating menu plan which is enhanced by a salad bar, soups and desserts.

With a view to fresh and high-quality meat, bakery products and vegetables, regional suppliers were chosen to avoid transport over unnecessarily long distances.

Surveys are conducted among the guests on a regular basis, who are asked about their preferred dishes, in order to keep the team - two chefs and two kitchen assistants - informed about their guests’ needs. In the opening phase, a tablet gives the opportunity for direct feedback. Moreover, the vivanti app is also provided for feedback. In addition, the app informs guests about the current menu and other specials. A QR code has been posted for the free app to be downloaded.