Turnover has exceeded EUR 100 million

For the very first time ever, emz turnover has exceeded EUR 100 million. Successful especially with locks, sensors and household appliance systems. New innovative products in the domestic and disposal engineering sectors sustained turnover in the USA and Asia. For the component suppliers emz Hanauer GmbH & Co. KG a. A. and their over 1000 employees, the recently completed fiscal year has been the most successful one so far within the company’s history. Following the extremely successful previous year, another rise in turnover of 13 % has been achieved, exceeding the company’s internal planning by almost 5 %.

Since the emz vision “No modern household without our products” was formulated back in 1997, the company has quintupled its turnover. Thomas Hanauer, Managing Director, points out proudly: “As you can see, setting ambitious goals is worthwhile.” “In our company, everybody knows where we are headed, and shows an excellent degree of commitment.” emz consider their success to be especially due to their innovative drive which is reflected by the company’s host of new products. Innovative solutions are sought and implemented together with their customers in Germany and abroad - mainly renowned brand manufacturers such as Electrolux, Whirlpool, Miele, Glen Dimplex or SAMSUNG. The growth in turnover thanks to new products is due to the marked internationalization of the past few years. In order to be closer to the appropriate markets, emz established a site in Mexico in 2004 and a site in Nanjing/China in 2011. In the meantime, over 30 % of the company’s turnover is realized with the USA and the proportion achieved with Asian markets is growing continuously. Approximately 70 % of the turnover is realized abroad. “Both South Korea and China continue to offer attractive potential”, according to Franz Forster, Sales Manager and in charge of the major division of household appliances.

With a headcount of 450 in Nabburg and Zangenstein, the largest emz sites are still in the Upper Palatinate. This region is, moreover, the centre of product development. So far, 150 employees are working on innovations for the future. At the end of July, they will move to new premises thus also taking new routes as regards creative jobs. Here, not only the locks and sensors for household appliances or refrigerator lighting are in process, but also e. g. control systems for the so-called “smart home” and innovative solutions for usage-related coverage of refuse quantities. With its sectors “Household appliances”, “Domestic engineering” and “Environmental engineering”, emz will continue its sustained growth in the years ahead.