Our smart solutions protect the environment

Electric, renewable, simple: In keeping with this motto, emz will support the e-car sharing project in Amberg from December 2019.

An electric BMW i3 with emz logo, slogan and website address will now be available in the Amberg area. This scheme was set up in cooperation with the "Zweckverband Kommunale Verkehrssicherheit Oberpfalz" association.

The electric car can be booked by anyone with a valid driving licence. Once you have registered at drive.e-wald.eu/registrierung, you can book the car either by the hour for €3.99 or by the day for €19. There is also a one-time registration fee of €10. The BMW is keyless and opens with a chip card (which you are issued with once you have registered) or the "Flinkster" smartphone app.

The e-car sharing project of the Zweckverband association was already put into practice with other partner companies in various towns and is currently available in Amberg, Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, Wackersdorf and Nabburg. The service is designed to help people overcome reservations about buying an electric vehicle and show people that electric cars have a greater reach than they may have thought. It also aims to benefit the environment, which is reflected in our emz slogan: "Our smart solutions protect the environment."