Christmas Donation 2015

emz supports day-care center for handicapped people in the Czech Republic. With this year's Christmas donation, we would like to give the children and adults from the Vitecek Center in the Czech Republic a special treat. The two day-care centers Cernosin and Koren provide handicapped people with comprehensive treatment facilities for body, mind and soul. Treatments such as air therapy, sensual therapy or water therapy support motor systems and awareness in an enjoyable manner.

However, being privately financed and operated, the Vitecek Center lacks sufficient financial means to renovate the facilities in need of considerable refurbishment in line with current standards.

In Koren, there are currently four rooms. Up to now, only one is finished and can be used for therapies with air. With our donation it can be guranteed that the treatment areas for sensual and motor therapy in Koren can be completed.

The fourth room is foreseen for aerohydropathy. Renovating this room is quite expensive and will possibly be supported by the EU.

emz-Hanauer wishes the team and people of the Vitecek Center Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!