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smart Econ Heat Control

Heating system controller for heat generation and distribution

System controller for up to 2 heat generators, 3 heating circuits and domestic hot water preparation with integration of solar thermal, solid fuel boiler and/or circulation pump

  • Clear and logical overview of the entire heating system: full graphic colour display, display of the current temperatures, animated icons for heat generators, pumps, mixers and other loads
  • Customization possible (configuration via emz): Adaptation of menu structure, user levels, functions and hydraulic schemes
  • Quick and straightforward commissioning thanks to preset parameters and selection from amongst preconfigured hydraulic systems
  • Convenient remote access and visualization on the smart Econ Cloud via integrated Ethernet port

Heat Control Build-In - HCB

  • User interface with integrated connectors for installation in the switchgear panel
  • Standard dimensions 144x96x75 mm
  • Type SUD, TUMD or TUMMD

Heat Control Wall - HCW

  • User interface in high-quality design for wall-mounting with integrated ports
  • Dimensions 217x220x59 mm
  • Type 810 or 1620 incl. expansion module

Heat Control Modular - HCM

Modular system consisting of:

  • User interface in high-quality design for wall-mounting or installation into the boiler panel Dimensions 144x96x35 mm
  • I/O module in DIN rail housing Dimensions 157x86x58 mm

Room Control - RC

  • Room unit for room temperature sensing
  • Party and lowering function
  • Dimensions 90x75x21 mm

Opentherm OT module

  • Interface for activation of an automatic burner control system with TDC input
  • Dimensions 90x35x31 mm

smart Econ Cloud

Your convenient remote access to emz heating controller
  • Reduced travelling costs thanks to remote servicing
  • Power savings thanks to plant optimization using professional visualization and evaluation
  • Permanent safety thanks to active error signalling feature
  • Straightforward remote access for a host of terminals for time-saving plant monitoring