smart Econ Home Manager

Configurable and modular system controller

Universal controller for complex heating installations, air conditioning and building automation

  • Clear and logical overview of the Home Management System: Full graphic colour display, indication of the current temperatures and switching states, animated icons for heat generators, pumps, mixers and other loads, integration of your own graphics possible
  • Configuring your own specific system: compiling features from the fields of home technology, heating and air conditioning, lighting and other loads yourself
  • Convenient remote access and visualization on the smart Econ Cloud via integrated Ethernet port
  • CAN system bus provides straightforward and safe expansion options for up to 160 inputs and 200 relay outputs

Room Control - RC

  • Room unit for room temperature sensing
  • Party and lowering function
  • Dimensions 90x75x21 mm

Home Manager I/O Modules

  • I/O module in DIN rail housing
  • 8 inputs and 10 relay outputs
  • Dimensions 157x86x58 mm

Home Manager User Interface

  • user interface in high-quality design for wall-mounting or installation into the boiler panel
  • Interlink possible to up to 20 I/O modules
  • Dimensions 144x96x35 mm

smart Econ Cloud

Your convenient remote access to emz heating controller
  • Reduced travelling costs thanks to remote servicing
  • Power savings thanks to plant optimization using professional visualization and evaluation
  • Permanent safety thanks to active error signalling feature
  • Straightforward remote access for a host of terminals for time-saving plant monitoring