Door locks

Door locks for applications in washing machines (front & top loaders), dryers and dishwashers ensure reliable opening and closing of the door over the entire service life of the machine. The signal contacts report to the control system the states "door open", "door closed" or "door locked". In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened via an emergency release mechanism.

Door lock for front-loading washing machines

  • For opening front-loading washing machines with and without handle
  • Supporting the sealing system by tight closing function
  • For large doors to absorb high forces
  • Patented connection technology
  • Magnetic opening with replenishing function

Push push for handle free doors of washing machines

  • Does not require any handle / lever for appropriate front design
  • Opening with an electrical pulse, starting from a button in the control panel

Door locks for dishwashers - installed on the machine

  • Positive-locking closure with seal tolerance compensation
  • Comfort actuation for opening and closing the door
  • Door opening function for faster drying
  • No space required in the door