Corporate culture

emz - The smiling company

Corporate culture

Our values, norms and convictions are laid down in our corporate culture via the following mission statement and the Code of Conduct. They are lived by our employees both internally and externally on a daily basis.


Good interactions within our company and with our partners is a long-standing tradition at emz. To document this, we have formulated our idea of the "Smiling Company" in our mission statement.

Here, terms such as success, people, future are in the focus. They represent the framework for management and cooperation at emz and determine our strategic orientation.

ensuring success

The highest maximum of our action is to be lastingly successful.

motivating people

To inspire people guarantees our long-term success and development.

zooming into the future

smart solutions for employees, processes and products will shape and ensure our future.

ensuring success

For us, success means creating long-term values and seizing opportunities.

We master our customers´ challenges through top quality, innovative solutions and speed.

Products and solutions from emz are among the best worldwide.

motivating people

Our management principles encourage our employees´ resourcefulness and own initiative.

Our employees give us fantastic service and performance which we appreciate and actively support.

For us, communication means not only information but a deliberate integration of people.

zooming into the future

We always think one step ahead, with our strategy aimed at long-term goals and sustainability.

We are focused on market and competition, i.e. the most sophisticate technology at fair market prices.

We recognize meaningful changes early and shape them actively.

ensuring success

We provide ideas to our customers.

Our company´s flexible orientation towards market changes minimizes our risks.

Our success ensures and creates jobs.

motivating people

Openness and responsibility are the characteristic features of our conflict culture.

Our fair relations with internal and external partners are based on mutual respect and trust.

Our company is receptive to novelties and invites dialogs with interested people.

zooming into the future

We understand risks as opportunities for change and improvement.

Optimized usage of our resources is an important contribution to environmental protection.

We will remain an attractive employer for our employees in the future as well.

Code of conduct

As a company with a long-standing tradition, we have a significant social responsibility. We therefore adhere to the following ethical principles, applicable legislation, our values and internal regulations.