Our experience secures your success

High vertical integration

It is our goal to tailor our products and processes to suit the customer's requirements. To do this, we need to understand every step from concept through end of life. This is the only way to optimize product design and manufacturing processes for price and performance.

Rapid prototyping

To evaluate ideas and produce samples quickly, we have designed our methods and tools for speed. Simulations of structures, fluids and electrical circuit designs as well as 3D printers are just a few examples.

Up-to-date technologies

Who is able to win without them? Connectivity, apps, automation, robotics, digitization, traceability down to the individual component, sophisticated end-of-line tests are all key features which are implemented in our products and processes.

Smart solutions

In our products, you will also find clever approaches that distinguish us from the competition. Things like energy harvesting, low noise technologies, wireless power supply, and creatively efficient mechanisms. This makes our solutions unique and creates real customer benefits.