"emz Hanauer stands for developing smart solutions and protecting the environment."

We are continuously working on implementing environmental protection measures to preserve natural resources. Our products are developed and produced in an environmentally friendly way to save resources in the end devices.

Plastic parts

30% of sprues are already recycled

In our plastic parts production process, 30% of sprues are already recycled, so they require no disposal. Scrap is returned directly to the manufacturing process on site.

Our goal is to avoid twice as much plastic waste in the future, i.e., 30 metric tonnes per year, the equivalent of 85 metric tonnes of CO².

Our turbidity sensor

cuts the amount of drinking water used in the dishwasher

With the emz turbidity sensor, you can save approx. 4 litres with every rinse cycle.

With 100 million turbidity sensors sold, this will save 10 million litres per day worldwide. This could provide 100,000 trees with sufficient water for their needs!

Our "Air Purifier" air filter

ensures less food waste

The "Air Purifier" air filter kills 99.8% of bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds.

In refrigerators, this keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for three times longer than normal.
As a result, 60% less fruit and vegetables are thrown away!

Our coffee vending machines

save 100 plastic cups a day

Germany consumes 14 million tonnes of plastic a year!

We’d like to tackle this problem, too. By converting our coffee machines, we can save 100 plastic cups a day. That's 74 kg of plastic a year!