smiling company
At the company the interacting with each other and with external partners is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and joy. This should ensure joy at work. Thinking of emz should conjure a smile on the lips.

Long term durability/ lastingness
All decisions and actions at the company are achieved in a way, that they have a positive effect for the development of emz on a long-term.

Done is better than perfect. We give our (internal/external) customers the results they need now – quickly. We make decisions, even if we do not have the complete information, implement them and carry the risks.

Zero fault
Each action has to be created on avoiding errors in the process. This applies for all processes at the company. This is intended to create “zero-fault” in all processes steps. However, we remain fault-tolerant in trying on new ideas.

Zero waste
We strive to act so that waste and non-value generating processes are eliminated. Material, information and decisions must flow properly – one by one. This applies to the immediate working environment as well as to inter-disciplinary activities in processes.


Integrated quality, occupational safety and environmental management

Continuous improvement of products and processes is an approach implemented and applied within the company. We work to achieve this goal for our customers and our environment.

To implement our customer-oriented quality policy with lasting effect, we rely on qualified staff, mature production processes and up-to-date analytical and monitoring techniques.

Customer, legal and environmental requirements

The permanent implementation of these requirements is a mandatory obligation within the entire company.
Realization of these requirements is reflected by our products.

Software-assisted data acquisition

The application of quality-specific software enables risk analyses to be performed at a very early stage of the product development process. Systematic use thereof is continued over the entire lifecycle of our products

Modern quality techniques

Senior management is committed for the application of quality techniques to meet our customers‘ requirements and to fulfill the legal regulations.
Continuous further training ensures the utilization and safe application of new technologies.

Continuous improvement of products and processes

We want to head the field of international competitors.
We achieve this by measuring and continuous improvements of our work, our business processes and our products.


"Quality, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety" are the key elements of our corporate policy. All company members commit to acting according to the company policy.

Numerous certificates confirm the practice and therefore the high degree of emz quality awareness.

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 ISO14001-2015 DE Nabburg

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 DE Zangenstein

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 Mexico

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 Czech

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 China

DIN EN ISO 14001-2015 China

DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 ISO14001-2015 emz - environmental technology GmbH

On request, the certificates are also provided in other languages.